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What Are You Passionate About? Interview Question

With this question try and make your response as multi leveled as possible. Most people will try and fill this with the usual interview fluff of “Meeting targets” etc., which is what you need to convey, but in a less obvious manner. Try and include responses about your personal life, hobbies etc. What your interviewer is really looking for here is to see what gets you excited, and what kind of priorities you have, what you are likely to stick at etc. Here are a few examples:

passionate about question

Example Answers for "What are you passionate about?" interview question


“I am incredibly passionate about grass roots football. I really love the small, personal stadiums, and proper players that play without the need to feign injuries. With my club, Everybody chips in and helps to keep the club running. I mow the grounds, and help with painting etc. I love the social side as well, where we have nights to raise funds for the upkeep of the club. I usually sell the raffle tickets and like to try and sell more than one book! There is a real sense of being a part of the team, even though you aren’t on the pitch!”


“I am incredibly passionate about art. I love to paint, I love creating something from a blank piece of paper. Then once it is finished I can sit and admire it or give it to someone who would like it. I also enjoy going to galleries and seeing art. Some of the great works are so inspiring, and convey so much emotion, it can be quite humbling. I also love attending art socials where I get to see other artists work and we can exchange tips and views. It’s really great. I have even sold a few of my pieces in the past“


“I am very passionate about the Great North Run which I complete every year for charity. It is an incredible distance, 13 miles. I like to run it because it raises funds for my favourite charity, Mind, which helps those with mental illness. I enjoy the training in the months beforehand where I have to push myself further and further each session in order to be prepared to run such a distance. I also love getting the sponsors in, and I do advertise for sponsorship in as many different places and wacky ways as possible. Sometimes I do my training in fancy dress with my just giving text number on it, you can guarantee at the end of my run I will log on and have at least 5 more sponsors! It’s a really great way of getting charities some extra money and publicity, whilst keeping myself fit and having fun. It really is the highlight of my year.

Good luck with your job hunting.

photo by: pulpolux

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