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What Are Your Pet Peeves? Interview Question

This is another question that is designed to find out if you get irritated easily. The best way to answer this question is with something that is a little annoying but controllable, and give an example of how you deal with it to show that it’s not a huge issue for you. Try and make it something that occurs outside the workplace, or if it is workplace based, that it’s something that would benefit the company or be beneficial in your role.

pet peeves question

Example Answers for "What Are Your Pet Peeves?" Interview Question


“It peeves me a bit when we are working to a deadline and colleagues round me don’t seem to be concentrating on their part of the task, and I feel as if I am carrying their slack whilst they are socialising or procrastinating. I usually just get on with it and when the project is finished make a point of discussing with them that they could perhaps try and contribute a little more, as I like to chat with them too, but if we all did that all the time we wouldn’t finish our work on time and we would all be stressed.”


“It peeves me when people don’t arrive on time. I don’t mind waiting five or ten minutes for my son when he asks me to pick him up from a night out with his friends, but when I am still sat waiting at quarter to one in the morning, when he said 11:30 I do begin to get a little peeved! But I suppose that’s what being a parent is all about.”


“It peeves me when people borrow money and don’t pay it back. I am always of the opinion that I only lend what I can afford to lose, but I also don’t think you should lend money from friends or family if you can’t pay it back as it can create bad feelings. I could never go back on my word.”


“It peeves me when people gossip about me behind my back. I am very straightforward and approachable, and would prefer if people were upfront about any problem they might have with me. After all, how am I supposed to make something better if I don’t know about it?”


“This might sound petty, but junk mail and sales calls really peeve me. I understand it is just businesses trying to generate custom, and people doing a job, but I do feel my home is my little haven away from the world. If I want a product or service I would prefer to seek it out in my own time, than have it shoved in my face.”


“I really get peeved when I am walking down a city centre street and I am approached by Charity sponsorship employees. I am careful to make that distinction- I don’t mind giving change to volunteers who are on the street, but I dislike the heavy pressure tactics of the people employed to collect direct debits on behalf of charity. I also dislike that they are getting paid huge amounts, when that money should be going to the charity. I would never take money from a charitable organisation.”

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