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What Are Your Salary Expectations?

What are your salary expectations?” is a question that often pops up in interviews. It is important to have researched what the ‘market rate’ for the offered position is, and take into account any experience or qualification you have. A good basis might be to see what is offered in the job listing. Don’t be afraid to state what you expect, and don’t be too quick to dismiss a lower offer. Remember, an interview is an exchange of views. So for instance, if an employer is offering less than you would like, try and find a compromise.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Answer #1

“For the same position, my previous employer offered me a starting pay of £20,000 PA. I am aware that the starting wage listed in your advertisement is £18,000, but as a compromise, I would be content to start at £19,000 with the understanding that it will be reviewed every six months and if you are pleased with my performance, adjusted to match my prior salary.”

Answer #2

“I think my abilities merit a beginning pay of £20,000 PA, but I'm happy to consider the additional perks your organisation provides and am aware of their significance as well. After reviewing my CV, what do you think a reasonable beginning pay should be?”

Answer #3

“Although my previous company paid me significantly less than you are willing to for this position, I believe that the raise in pay would now be appropriate given the experience I have since acquired. There are a few additional responsibilities in your work as well, which I believe would justify the higher pay.”

Answer #4

“I would prefer a starting wage of roughly £20,000 as this is not a post I have previously held but I believe I have the competence and talent to carry out. This seems to be the average starting price for this type of employment for entry-level candidates..”

Answer #5

“While some may take advantage of the fact that I believe the budget you set for this project is a bit excessive, I won't. Actually, the lowest amount I'd demand to complete the assignment as requested is £10,000. Because of my candour, I sincerely hope that if you are pleased with the calibre of my work, you will contact me directly in the future for all of your design requirements. It is more important to me to complete work at a fair price and win repeat business than it is to accept jobs and be paid more than the going rate for them, only for you to discover later that you did so and not the market rate.”

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