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What Can You Do for Us That Other Candidates Can’t?

This is typically seen as a very difficult question to respond to because, to begin with, you have no idea what abilities and qualities your competitors for the position possess!

What Can You Do for Us That Other Candidates Can’t?

What Can You Do for Us That Other Candidates Can’t?

Consider the information the question is attempting to elicit about you first;

  • a list of your qualifications and experience in regards to the position;

  • determining which of those skills you personally believe to be most crucial, and subsequently, whether you have an understanding of what is required for this position;

  • It is also intended to test your ability to sell yourself effectively, as many people find this difficult.

Try to remain composed throughout the interview. If a question seems especially challenging, take a minute to centre yourself by taking a deep breath.

If you are aware of the company's operations, objectives, and how closely they align with your own. Give a particular illustration of how your education or abilities are a match for the position's requirements and how they help you to be successful. Try, if you can, to include anything that sets you apart from the other applicants, such as two distinctive skills together, for example.

  • technically minded AND speak several languages

  • good with numbers AND have a great sense of humour

  • an engineering whiz AND jog 10 miles a day

  • a good organizer AND a great communicator

Try to ensure that whatever your answer is, the reason that you give relates in some way to the job and company.

Construction Worker:

“I excel at paperwork and am a master carpenter. Many of my coworkers have admitted in the past that they dislike the paperwork-related aspects of the job, but my organisational abilities are a great advantage and facilitate work in the office.”


“I am a skilled communicator with a degree in accounting and a track record of success. I'd make a great candidate if you're looking for someone who can communicate with team members at any level.”


I have a photographic memory, therefore I won't miss any small information. No matter the demands, I'm also incredibly patient with people.

Following are some instances of responses to steering clear of since the interviewer will not value them:

I'm an addict to work. – This is fairly obvious and provides the interviewer with no useful information.

"I work diligently and would be a benefit to the organisation," You are not distinguished from any other candidates by this.

"My skills are perfectly suited to the requirements of the position," Your CV demonstrated that you are qualified for the position, therefore the interview is your chance to differentiate yourself.

Be more specific!

Good luck

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