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What Did You Like or Dislike About Your Previous Job?

What did you like or dislike about your previous job? This is yet another question that needs to be fielded carefully! If you launch straight into a tirade about how horrible your last job was, its unlikely to reflect favourably on you. It is best with a question like this to approach it calmly and again, try and make the ‘negative’ side of the job seem something that is in actual fact positive. It could be something like lack of room to develop, lack of career opportunities, not enough hours available. You can even opt for safe bets such as saying the job was a bit far to commute. As for the thing you liked, try and use something that benefitted most of the workplace, something not too selfish. Here are some examples you could give in this scenario.

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Example Answers for "What Did You Like or Dislike About Your Previous Job?" Interview Question


“In my last job I have to admit I disliked having to clear up after patrons who had made a mess in the toilets, it could often be very disgusting, but of course it is nice to have them tidy again for the rest of the customers. I really loved the team spirit that we had, of all getting along and mucking in, and made some really good friends.”


“In my last job I loved walking all the dogs that we used to have in the vets. Getting them out and playing with them is just as important as the medical side of the treatment, and made me feel very happy. I really disliked when we had to put animals to sleep or inform owners that a pet had passed. It is of course unavoidable, but it did teach me a lot about empathy and sympathy.”


“In my last job I loved the targets we were set as they always challenged us and kept us on our toes. It was great to come into work each day and be set a new project with a new target. I really disliked when other members of the team got reprimanded for not hitting their targets, as it really lowers morale when that happens.”


“In my last job I loved playing with the children that we cared for in the nursery. They are such fun and it taught me a lot about children and gave me a good insight into what motherhood would be like. It’s amazing what a child can teach you. I would have to say the thing I disliked most is probably very obvious- dirty nappies! I know it’s completely unavoidable and I would always do it without a problem, but there would be the odd occasion that a dirty nappy would be a lot for anyone to manage to tidy up without feeling queasy!”

Good luck.

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