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What Do You Expect From a Supervisor?

What do you expect from a supervisor? This is a good question to answer as it will give your employer a good idea of your character as an employee, and they can see how good a candidate you are. Obviously there Is some scope here to really infer that you are capable to get on with work unsupervised, but that you are open to being subordinate. Here are some examples.

expect from supervisor question

Example Answers for What Do You Expect From a Supervisor?


“I would expect that my supervisor be fair and calm. I would expect them to treat me fairly, and in line with my colleagues. I am quite happy to take direction, but they should not stifle me either. I am very creative and like to have my own ideas and opinions, but I also follow the rules. I have never had a problem with any of my previous supervisors, I find as I am a well rounded and approachable person that I rarely have conflict with anyone. I would hope that my supervisor wouldn’t be afraid of mucking in and helping out with the workload should it become necessary. I like management that like to keep in touch with the ‘shop floor’ and get involved in the real work every now and again”


“I would expect that my supervisor be approachable. If I have a problem with anything I would want to feel that I can talk to them about it, even if it concerns their own conduct. I would also expect that my supervisor would allow me a certain degree of trust and responsibility when it came to carrying out my duties, so that they aren’t always ‘over my shoulder’ so to speak. I can work fine without direct supervision, but it is good to know that there is someone I can always consult who has a little more knowledge or experience than me.”


“I would hope that my supervisor would be someone who gets to know their team well and what works well for each member. Having been a supervisor before I don’t believe there is a one size fits all way of supervising workers. So I would hope that my supervisor would keep a close eye on how I work and how I am as an individual and take that into account when they take my results into account. I would also hope that my supervisor was someone who is open and honest, telling me where there are problems, or where I have done well. I would like my supervisor to be willing to share their experience and teach me things I might not know already, in order to help me excel at my job. I see supervisors very much as nurturing figures rather than reprimanding characters.”

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