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What Do You find are the Most Difficult Decisions to Make?

This is an interesting question your interviewer will use to establish more about your character. Of course everyone has decisions they dislike making, and some decisions are very difficult to make. Sometimes a decision can be life or death, or very detrimental to others. Have a good think about this one and answer in a way which shows you understand it’s necessary to sometimes make hard decisions but that you do empathise with the repercussions of the decision. I will show you some examples of how you can answer this question.

most diffucult decision

Example Answers for "What Do You find are the Most Difficult Decisions to Make?" Interview Questions


“I find it very difficult to make decisions about hiring and firing people. Especially so when they have families. I once had to fire an employee because they had been stealing from the till. I appreciate it was necessary to terminate the employment, but I did feel empathetic towards the employee as he had been with the company for a long time, and stole because he was struggling with debt and genuinely was struggling to feed his family. I also find hiring difficult because again you often see people that are all as equally qualified and experienced for the position, and each of them are desperate for employment. It is very difficult in that situation to choose whom you are going to give that chance to.”


“I find it very difficult to make the decision to bar customers from the premises when they have been patrons for a very long time and have perhaps made a foolish choice one night. I once had to bar a customer because he was smoking in the doorway of the pub. I found this a little harsh as he was outside, and not in the actual bar, he was just using the doorway as shelter. My manager at the time however was adamant that the customer must be barred. He made me do it because I knew this regular well, and thought it would be less confrontational if I did it. I explained to the customer that he had been banned and why. He actually quit smoking whilst banned and was allowed to use the premises again.”


“Working in a Veterinary practice will always be full of difficult choices. I find the hardest ones to make are the ones that involve emergency treatment of stray animals where I have to make the choice as practice manager to put an animal to sleep when it is in its best interests (where there is no hope it will survive after a road traffic accident for example), but have no owner to consult on the action. I understand it is a necessary part of the job as we can’t allow an animal to suffer, but in those moments I feel genuinely upset for the owner and animal, as it is a very intimate and emotional moment, and I always feel the owner should be present.”

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