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What Interests You About This Job?

What interests you about this job? is an excellent question to ask. This question gives you a lot of opportunities to express to the employer how passionate you are about both them and the open position. Again, a thorough investigation is essential for success in this case. Learn as much as you can about the business and the position in question. Include elements of both in your response. Here are some examples of possible responses to this question.

What Interests You About This Job?

What Interests You About This Job?

Answer #1

“Since I have always wanted to work with animals and am now employed, I am really interested in this position. Therefore, working at the McDonald's farm would be wonderful for me because I am aware that you encourage employee interaction with the animals so that they are well-bonded when presenting to the public. This means that for me, it would satisfy both a professional requirement and a personal requirement of my life. At work, I would feel as though I had a pet. Being able to introduce people to the animals, educate them about them, and allow them to interact with them really fascinates me because I get along well with people.”

Answer #2

“I've always thought working here would be amazing since when I was younger, I used to play with toy buses all the time. In fact, I visited the bus depot on a field trip with my class. Since I have been a cab driver for a while and would want a more planned job, I am now highly interested in being a bus driver. I'm extremely interested in the notion of getting to know the "regulars" on my route and driving them to their workplaces, schools, and recreational locations.”

Answer #3

“What especially fascinates me is that this role will have different KPIs than my previous one. In my previous position, regardless of value, my primary KPI was the number of clients I enrolled. I would receive a fixed commission for each customer. What especially fascinates me about your firm is that you offer a commission based on a percentage of the client's worth. This gives me a better idea of how much revenue I am generating for the company I work for than simply counting the number of new hires I make.”

Answer #4

“What most attracts me about this position is the chance to learn a completely new job. Having applied for this position from an entirely different background, I am excited by the prospect of discovering a wealth of fresh information about the industry, and I am eager to do so! I'm looking forward to seeing how the new systems operate and the procedures you use as you demonstrate that, with the appropriate direction, it is feasible to entirely retrain for a new career.

Remember: It’s fine to include targets etc. in these answers, but avoid answers such as “more money” or “more power”.

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