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What is Your Greatest Strength?

“What is your greatest strength?” This question is a mainstay in the typical interview. It’s a great way of selling yourself in a subtle manner, by cramming as many positives into one trait! Other examples you can give are Determination, Punctuality and Loyalty. Here, I have illustrated how to word a few examples, add a personal example to them if you can.

What is Your Greatest Strength?

What is Your Greatest Strength?

“My greatest strength is…..


“If I have a large project to do I will make sure I carefully plan out how I am going to use my time so that it is not rushed, or the deadline exceeded. I like to be finished a project with time to spare to check it over”

“When I arrange a holiday I make sure to have my case packed a week in advance so that I can wind down my other commitments before leaving. I never leave it to the last minute and then have the stress of packing in a hurry”


“I am very much a people person, and because I am frequently perceived as fair and reasonable, I am able to resolve challenging situations fast. I have a strong ability to connect with people and empathise with them. I once had a job in a bar where two men got into a fight over a football game that was going on. I recommended that instead of debating which team was the best, they support their sides through a friendly wager in which supporters of the winning team would pay followers of the losing team for a drink of solace. As a result, both individuals liked the game: the winner was pleased with his side's victory, while the supporter of the losing team was pleased because he had received a drink.”

“I find it quite simple to maintain composure, have a level head, and make sure the matter is handled appropriately and properly whether it involves dangerous or terrifying circumstances. When I used to work in a bar, the men's restrooms had a fire sparked by someone. I triggered the fire alarm and ordered everyone in the pub to leave when I noticed smoke coming from below the door. While phoning the fire department, I made sure the cash registers and refrigerators were locked, and after that, I made sure everyone was present at the assembly point.”

“I have no problem speaking out in defence of what is right or what I believe in. If I witnessed something happening that shouldn't be happening, I wouldn't be afraid to step in and stop it if it was necessary. When I used to work in a bar, I saw a man remove a purse from the handbag of a woman he had just met while she was using the restroom. The woman said he shouldn't have stolen it when I stopped the man as he tried to leave. Then, the police were contacted.”

It's important to have thoroughly considered your strengths in advance because this is a quiet pitch rather than a hard sell. How adaptive are you? tolerant of stress? Creative? dependable and creative? Write down your ideas, then ask others to comment on them to determine which ones they believe are best for you. Then use an example for each to show how these qualities have been shown in a previous circumstance. You will seem much more convincing and maintain control of your speech if you choose excellent instances to support your claims.

James Caan

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