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What Was the Biggest Accomplishment - Failure Interview Question

This should be an excellent question to show off a little of your skill, and at the same time show what a winner you are by highlighting a failure, that isn’t really a failure! It is important to use an example of failure where it ultimately had a benefit to it, for example you learned from it. Here are some example answers to how you could respond to this question.

biggest accomplishment questions

Example Answers for What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in this position?


“My biggest accomplishment in my last role was to bring the company back into profit. I was the only sales person working for a small furniture store that was in a lot of debt. I managed to get them back into profit within 6 months, and in the months after that the sales were going through the roof. My biggest failure in that position was the loss of a large client at the beginning of my career there. As I was new and it was well publicised that the company was in trouble, the client was not willing to risk large sums of money up front to pay for production of furniture, in case the company went bust. I feel as if I failed by failing to assure them that I would turn the company around, but sadly I have to put this down to timing. We did win the client back once we were out of the debt situation though, so it wasn’t all bad.”


“My biggest accomplishment in my last role was to have one of my designs featured on a channel 4 TV programme. I was very proud at having one of my designs for a house featured and praised by an expert. They consulted me at length about the design, and then went on to build it. It was amazing to see one of my designs brought to life, as they are usually sold on to developers and I don’t get to see the finished products. I don’t think I have a biggest failure from that position, as on the whole I was always successful. I suppose I failed myself by never aspiring to seek promotion, but then I was always very happy in my role. I am ready now to move up a step!”

Goog luck!

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