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What Was it like Working for Your Supervisor? Interview Question

What was it like working for your supervisor? This question is another designed to test your openness to compliance, and see what kind of character you have. Even if your last supervisor was horrible, try and be as diplomatic as possible when answering this question. Always focus on turning the negative to a positive. This is also another good chance to show how cooperative you are. So here are a few examples of how you could answer this question.

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Example Answers for "What Was it like Working for Your Supervisor?"


“I loved working for my last supervisor. He was such fun. Every morning we would start the day with a little bit of trivia or bonding, just to get u warmed up and in the mood for the day. He would set us our daily target and each time we got a sale he would tick the board. As we got closer to our targets he would reward us with little breaks, or treats. One month we had doubled our target and to say thank you he took us all for a lovely lunch. HE was a really nice and approachable person, and if we ever had any problems we could discuss them with us. We never took advantage of his nature, and nobody was ever unhappy at work.”


“Working for my last supervisor was fine, she was very good at keeping us motivated, and always had the answer if we didn’t. She has a very good way of calming down even the most angry customer, and would never let customers humiliate or abuse us. I was very happy working for her and she taught me a lot of things that I hadn’t been shown by the previous supervisor.”


“Unfortunately I didn’t like working for my last supervisor. I have never had a problem with any supervisor before, however in my last job I ended up with a new supervisor after the death of my old one. The new supervisor was fresh from university and had no on the job experience. He would not listen if any of us tried to explain something to him, and had a very ‘know it all/my way or the highway’ attitude. He was incredibly short tempered and once struck a colleague of mine. He was very intimidating and working for someone like that does not create a very good environment to work in. This was actually the main reason for my leaving, as the immediate manager of my supervisor would not face the issue.”

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