What Were Your Responsibilities? Interview Question

Think about what duties you were allocated that would be considered as the employer showing you a lot of trust. Perhaps you dealt with a lot of cash? Maybe you were responsible for cash handling? Perhaps you were a key holder. Maybe you were in charge of many people? Have a think of what examples of the role you can use to demonstrate your ability to be responsible and be trusted. Here are some examples.

responsibilities question

Example Answers for What Were Your Responsibilities?


“in my last role, I was in charge of 4 children. I would consider that a huge responsibility. I was also responsible for opening the nursery on a morning. That means I had keys to the property at all times. I had to ensure that during the day my 4 children were cared for, fed properly, drank enough, and were entertained. I also had to ensure that the nursery was kept secure, and that children were only collected by the people who should be collecting them.”


“In my last role my main responsibility was to ensure the smooth running of the shop. I was entrusted with cashing up the till at the end of the day, and depositing the cash in the bank. I also had to ensure that the stock was correct and nothing missing, and I was also responsible for ensuring that nobody shoplifted. At the end of each month I would have to make the Rota up for the next month, accounting for staff holidays etc.”


“I have not been employed before as I have only recently graduated from school, however, whilst at school I was a prefect, and I was responsible for ensuring that order was upheld during break times and assemblies. I was also in charge of the after school club, in which I organised many activities for my peers to enjoy after school, both in ground and outings. That did sometimes involve handling cash.”


“In my last role my responsibilities were greeting hotel guests as they arrived at the hotel, checking their ID and taking the room deposit. Arranging the room Rota so that I know where vacated rooms are available, handling cash payments, taking telephone calls to check availability, general desk duties really. I would occasionally have to give guest directions to places, or give them recommendations of places to visit etc.”

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