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What Were Your Starting and Final Levels of Compensation?

What were your starting and final levels of compensation? This is a very simple question and shouldn’t be difficult to answer.  All you need to discuss here is what the salary you received in your last job was, and how it changed over your time there. You can also include bonuses you may have received. You can also include any other benefits in kind you may have received. Some examples of how you might get this across are below.

Example Answers


“In my last job I started some 15 years ago, so when I started my salary was only around £12,000 a year. It rose over time, and along with my job title, it finished at £45,000 with my position as assistant area sales manager. However, included in that package was a very generous pension, a company car, 5 weeks paid holiday and a lot of free products. I was very happy to see that you are offering a very generous starting salary for this position, and look forward to progressing my career with you.”


“I started at McFarlane’s earning £3.40 per hour as a sixteen-year-old Saturday employee, and over my 3 years there it rose with my age and position, I am currently being paid £8.90 per hour as I am in a supervisory role. I get free lunch whilst on duty and a discount card for when I am not working. I was looking for a slightly larger wage than you are offering, however, given the extra benefits you offer such as staff gym etc., I am quite happy to start at that wage.”


“As I haven’t really had a job as I only left school last month, I can only relate to a paper round I had when I was younger. I was paid £5 per round. I would get small ‘bonuses’ in the form of sweets if I managed to get more customers to take delivery.”


“I was actually previously self-employed so I could pretty much set my own wage. It would vary each month depending on the number of sales made etc., but I always limited my ‘income’ to £2000 per month and would save the rest. That way I always had the money for emergencies etc. I think the wage you are offering is very competitive and especially with the bonus structure that you are offering, I would be very happy with it.”

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