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Why Are You Leaving Your Job?

Why are you leaving your job? This is another straightforward question which should be easy enough to answer. Everyone has a reason for leaving, just try and make it as positive as possible. If you are leaving because of friction in the work place be very careful as to how you word that. It is best to focus on career progression etc. as your main reasons for leaving, no employer wants to take on someone who is going to leave after a few months. Here are a few examples of reasons you can give for leaving your old job.

why are you leaving question

Example Answers for "Why are you leaving your job?" interview question


“In my last job, there was no scope to progress my career, and I am really looking for a career not just a job. My boss basically had told me that I could not go any higher up the chain, and I did discuss that I would be leaving in order to gain a promotion in my job title. He understood this and let me go with his blessing.”


“In my last job I worked there quite happily for several years, until my manager left. The manager who came in to replace her seemed to take an instant dislike to me, and it quickly became obvious that my position there was untenable. I did try and move departments however there were no vacancies so I couldn’t. So unfortunately I decided I would have to leave.”


“My office had to relocate and sadly it was to another country! I did go over to the new office in India for several months to help with training the staff, and I was offered a very desirable relocation package but decided that I would not like to live there permanently so I had to leave.”


“I left my last job because I didn’t feel fully equipped to carry it out. I had asked my management on several occasions to be given training so that I could properly carry out my duties, but they never actioned my request. I asked my employer outright if he was going to provide me the training that I required and he said no, that the company didn’t have the funds to invest. I see that you offer the training in house as a matter of course, and really think that I would love working for a company that invests in its employees, especially when they are so keen to learn and improve in order to do their job better”

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